Walk on this beautiful trail that passes through the B & B property. Go north into the secluded country side. Sit on the benches and listen to nature. Go south into Lititz. On the way you'll pass the play ground, ball fields and lots of open space. Many guests wake up to take a morning stroll before breakfast.

The Walking Trail extends through Warwick Township and Lititz Borough and consists of 41.65 acres. The land area within Lititz Borough is approximately 6 acres. You can access the trail at the edge of our property and then choose to head south, which will take you the whole way to Market Street within Lititz Borough - or - opt for a northerly course which will take you through more beautiful countryside and into the Lexington area. The facility measures over one mile in length and provides a trail system 4,500 linear feet in length.

Warwick Township and Lititz Borough sponsored the project as a joint effort to address the recreational needs of the community. The trail (or park - one might say) includes parking lots, a walking/running and biking trail, baseball and soccer fields, a small playground, picnic area,  and the establishment of a stream corridor management program. The trail is fun to walk and safe, as it has been constructed so that there is only one street crossing the entire length - at Laurie Lane. A mid-block pedestrian crosswalk was established to ensure adequate safety to cross this roadway. All of the developments surrounding the facility have a sidewalks system and pedestrian easements to permit residents to safely gain access to the park areas.

The eight-foot wide path can accommodate running, walking, biking and roller blade usage. The path provides a five-foot zone for walkers and joggers, and a three-foot zone for biking and roller blades. There are restroom facilities at the park as well. 

So go get a work-out, or just stroll along. Maybe you will end up in the beautiful countryside for a quiet picnic, or maybe you will end up in Historic Lititz to enjoy all of the fine food, history, and shopping. No matter what your tastes, the walking trail provides something for everyone. 

The walking trail is ADA accessible.